Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Traditional Japanese martial arts in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Shinwakan Dojo offers classes in several traditional Japanese martial arts (budo). These include:


Hakkoryu Jujutsu
Jujutsu is an unarmed Japanese self-protection art, descended from the combat methods of the samurai. It is a sophisticated and traditional art that employs various strikes and kicks, joint locks, throws, chokes, ground defenses, and restraint techniques to humanely control one or more aggressors. Our style of Jujutsu is named Hakkoryu.  Learn more here....


Aiki-Jujutsu Gyakute-Do is a style of traditional Japanese self-protection that includes the study of release techniques (Nuki Waza), arrest and restraint techniques (Renko Waza), throwing techniques (Nage Waza), and pinning techniques (Fudo Waza). It also includes the study of sophisticated physical and psychological methods of controlling an opponent with "mental intent" called Aikijutsu, as well as a systematic curriculum of blocking, striking and kicking arts called Daken-Ho.  Learn more here....

Classical Samurai Arts (Koryu)

Our school is affiliated with the Kanou-Kan organization in Hiroshima, Japan. The Kanou-Kan was founded by Kunio Morimoto Sensei and offers instruction in the classical samurai arts of Muso Shinden Eishin-Ryu Batto Heiho (Iaido), Oishi Shinkage-Ryu Kenjutsu, and Shibukawa Ichi-Ryu Jujutsu.

Other Classes

In addition to our primary classes, we also host occasional seminars in a variety of traditional martial arts.

Indianapolis Martial Arts Classes